Bharathiyar Tamil School

{A part of San Diego Tamil Sangam}

At Bharathiyar Tamil School, our goal is to introduce children from the age of three years and up, to Tamil language and culture.

Classes are taught in a fun, engaging, stress-free environment, with emphasis on conversation skills, reading and writing. The school follows the comprehensive, structured syllabus developed by the American Tamil Academy.

The school also creates opportunities for children to participate in cultural activities such as plays, song and dance performances, display their budding skills on the stage, and interact with speakers who are thought leaders in the community and learn from them.


  • Completely volunteer-run program, dependent on diligent volunteering by parents & other interested volunteers. Active volunteering by parents is highly encouraged.
  • Classes are held on Fridays between 6:30 p.m & 8:30 p.m at Shoal Creek Elementary School in Carmel Mountain Ranch.
  • BTS calendar year follows the Poway School District’s regular school calendar.
  • Classes range from Mazhazhai for pre-school aged children to higher level grades for students in middle and high school.
  • Attendance & Punctuality Policy: BTS children are required to maintain a consistent attendance record to ensure continued learning. Maximum of three absences is allowed, unless otherwise exempted. Punctuality is required; attendance is taken at the start of the class.
  • Homework Policy: BTS children are required to complete their assigned homework and bring in a homework log signed by parents for every class. Homework completion will be assessed for promotion at the end of the year.


Parents interested in enrolling their children in the school can download the registration form and email it to the advisory committee -

Bharathiyar Tamil School Registration

Families new to San Diego and local families considering Tamil language classes are encouraged to come check us out on Friday night when school is in session, get a feel for how the classes are taught and then make a commitment.

Volunteer Staff:

BTS is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who are parents of students in the school, as well as other San Diego Tamilians interested in helping the younger generation learn and appreciate the beautiful Tamil language.

Each grade is taught by a team of two to three teachers, which makes it possible to give personal attention to every student.

Every week, teachers communicate with parents via email, updating them on what has been taught in school and what homework has been assigned. Classes focus on speaking in Tamil, vocabulary skills, forming letters, words and sentences, pop quizzes, songs and story time.

Volunteers also help with setting up the class rooms, chaperoning students during breaks, helping teachers in class, coaching students for performances etc

School Administration:

The school is a part of the San Diego Tamil Sangam, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of California.

The school is run by an advisory committee comprising members of the Sangam’s executive committee as well as school staff, to ensure all decision making is democratic and fair.

The advisory committee works closely with the teachers and other volunteers to:

  • schedule classes, tests, parent-teacher conferences, annual programs, other events, and practice sessions for cultural performances;
  • to find alternate locations when the local school site is not available;
  • recruit new teachers when needed;
  • bring in community leaders to interact with the students;
  • and other administrative aspects.


Shoal Creek Elementary School
11775 Shoal Creek Drive
San Diego, CA 92128
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